Our leadership team:

Chairman - Rebecca Rodda

Activities and retreat - Christine Hoyle, Karen Teel

Treasurer - Cindy Rose

Membership - Nancy Neuman

Mentorships- Helen Peterson

My story and how it led me to form this group, Seattle Widows:

In September of 2014 my husband passed away, the result of brain tumor and complications of lung cancer.  Twice during his illness, I dealt with my own breast cancer.  Needless to say, that was a very low time in my life.  Trying to determine how to move forward after being married 44 yrs and raising our family was a daunting task.  I immersed myself in my Bible study and found hope in my grandchildren. I gave God glory as I sang in our Cathedral Choir and kept a journal of all the blessings I had received during this difficult time. 

My joy comes first from Jesus, who is the center of my life.  With this foundation and others I'm blessed to have in my life, God has given me a purposeful joyful spirit. 

It was about 3 years ago that I began leading the widows group in Seattle/Eastside.  God had prepared me with my teaching background (teaching the gifted) and volunteer work (Teen Parent Project, Mother Mentoring, Mother Infant class & Bible Study leadership) to offer support to those in grief who I have a heart for.

Our widow's group found that, together, we have great opportunities to get out and do fun things with other widows who really get it!  There's great comfort in a community that knows down deep what means to lose your soulmate at an early age in life and yet become stronger and have great purpose on the other side.  My friends, these women that loved me through it all, saved me and helped to show me who I can become through my loss.  To all of them, I will be forever grateful.

Our meetings are held monthly in a widows home.  Our ministry has brought many widows together at a most difficult time; when we need to see that our thoughts are normal and we can get through this one day at a time as we see others beginning to thrive. 

 If you are a widow looking for support, please reach out.  For prayer, you may call our prayer line at 844-494-3697 or 844 4widows.  We are here to help you and give you encouragement on this journey. Rebecca Rodda