Our leadership team:

Chairman - Cindy Rose

Activities and retreat - Christine Hoyle, Karen Teel

Treasurer -  Pam Metcalfe

Evites - Patty Timonen

Mentorships- Helen Peterson

My story and how it led me to form this group, Seattle Widows:

Cindy has been a widow for 4 years. My husband died in 2018 while we were traveling in our Motorhome.  We had been married 46 years.

Seattle Widow’s was and is my life line.  There is no better understanding of what your going through than another widow.  This group will support and walk along side you in this difficult journey.

We have topical meetings once a quarter and socials every month plus walks and other gatherings.  We encourage our group to meet outside of our regular gatherings by getting together for coffee, dinner, etc.

We pray for each other through hard times.

As a new widow we assign a person to mentor you throughout your first year by staying in touch with you once a week.

Please reach out to us if this is something you think will help you. We’re here for Widows!

Cindy Rose,

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