Hi  dear widow friends,

We hope you are getting out during Covid and/or connecting with other widow friends  and encouraging eachother.  Snow has come to Seattle and we are  faced with about one foot of snow for the next few days.  If you have any need, just give a call to anyone on the leadership team or any others who live near you.  It's important to stay in touch and be aware of eachother's needs.  Eileen Verver's mom passed away and Lori Kuehl is having difficulty with her sight and Kathy Olsen's ankle is healing after 3 breaks!  

Our social this month will be at Duke's restaurant at Greenlake.  4pm  Sat.  Feb 27.  If you would like to take a walk beforehand, just meet at Dukes at 3pm and we will walk arouind the lake before our Happy Hour!  

Our Feb 13 5pm meeting will be on Downsizing...How to know when you are ready and How to prepare!  There will be a panel discussion led by Cindy Rose and Linda Smith will be sharing her story.  

Look  for more fun meeting ideas for March, April and May.  We are planning a seminar on planter gardens and Mary Beth Woll will be speaking at our March meeting!  She is a delight and so full of helpful ideas for all of us.  

Chris Hoyle is leading a walk thru Washington Arboretum on  Tuesday Feb 16 at 1pm.  She sent out a map and directions to everyone...check your emails for that!  

We anxiously await a time we can meet face to face!  Many of us have received our covid vaccines which will protect us.  

We are so blessed to have so many widows in our group who have been thru very difficult times and with God's help have come out stronger on their walk forward in this journey.  I am personally blessed to know each one of you and find that your friendship has strengthened me and given me hope.  I truly love you all.  If you know of anyone who just lost their husband and may want to join us,  please let me know and I will contact them.

If you have a desire to help lead this group, we have many opportunities coming up.  I will be moving on in September and am glad to help anyone with evites, meeting planning or socials.  Please pray about this and let me know if you are feeling a nudge.  We have so many gifted women in this group!  

If you need anything,  just let us know as we have several hundred dollars to give to those in need and we would love to help.

Stay safe,  Keep warm and know you are loved!    Your leadership team:  Becky Rodda, Chris Hoyle, Cindy Rose, Karen Teel, Helen Peterson and Nancy Neuman